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Becoming a Social Entrepreneur with OFoundation

Look Ahead

Try to see the future even though you are looking at the present. Get your own understanding of how the industry will develop. Do not worry about being wrong.

Tell People and Demo

You will be suprised how many people will want to work with you, once you start doing things.

Use Your Gut Feeling

You know your business better than everyone else. Most importantly, you know yourself, so trust yourself.

Do The Leg Work

Walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Build your product, find Co-Founders, Advisors and Capital.

Think of a Problem

Find a really specific problem. Talk to 1000 people about how to solve it. Then just decide on one solution. Once you decide, just execute.

Follow Your Passion

If you don’t see yourself working 80 hours a week on it, it’s not your passion. Find your real passion. It is the kind of thing you do really well, even when you are overworked, angry and starved.

Make a Prototype

Whether you code or not, you can build a smiple 2-5 screen prototype. The equipment you will need are: paper, computer or a tablet.

Block the doubters

You will hear a lot of No’s, just keep going because YOU know best, not them.

Our Change Makers

OFoundation is always looking for new ideas to collaborate with